Legacy Garage Doors, Inc.

" the difference is clear"

Steel sectional roll up door

Model # 2500 series with 10 yr. limited manufacturer’s warranty against rust and corrosion.


Colors: White or Almond. Sandstone and Brown may be a special order items. Fees apply.


Details: Non insulated, weather stripping, no sales tax, haul away old door.


Options: Windows ($200), Openers ($300 & up). Ask about multi-item discount !!!


Tax rebates: on vinyl back and steel back doors.

Date of Sale : January 1, 2011 to Dec 30, 2011

                      Outside view                                          Inside view

To contact us:  John Hollaway

Phone: 310 350-0809

Fax: 310 632-1331

E-mail: jhollaway310@aol.com

$599 Special on 2 car garages

 Legacy Garage Doors warranty all doors for one year from date of installation.

$499  Special on 1 car garage (8’x7’) with T- lock ($50 value)