Legacy Garage Doors, Inc.

" the difference is clear"

 This keypad attaches to the outside of door or wall. These units can store up to 10 different doors. (New item: fingerprint keypad)

This is recommended if you are adding a garage opener to your door and do not have another entrance to the garage.

This bracket connects the door to the opener. It’s the most durable steel bracket in the industry. It provides leverage for opening any sectional door.

 Small keychain remote is ideal for the customers who do not want to leave the remote in the car.

 Garage door lock with T- handle. Comes with a set of keys.

Wireless keypad

Keychain remotes

Operator Reinforcement Bracket (ORB)

 Emergency key release

T- lock (external lock)


Helton ORB-18 Reinforcement bracket 18 inch

Sell Price: $25.00 and install price: $35

· License: 905708

· Bonded

· Insured

CEO - John Hollaway